Welcome to Dexyst!

Desp_ a posted Sep 3, 18

This is the official Dexyst Network website. Dexyst is a brand new Minecraft Server, focused on producing innovative games that you will find exclusively on our network. Our objective is to bring the Minecraft multiplayer experience to a completely new level.

Our first game is now released in Beta!


MagiK is a game which brings to Minecraft something every player has always dreamt of: the ability to shape the world and interact with the other players and mobs through magic! Spells allow you to overcome the limits of the traditional gameplay, experiencing Minecraft on a superior and unprecedented level.

Spells revolutionize the way you combat, build and explore like nothing before has done. And as you will see in-game, it's not difficult to use them with good results.

All over the large, custom-built map you will find incredible treasures hidden in huge and scary dungeons. They are there waiting for you, but beware of the hordes of monsters guarding them!                                           

And remember, it's a magic world: you are not the only one able to cast spells. Other players can too as PvP is allowed, and also some very powerful creatures that you will find in the harshest places of the map.

The MagiK world can be a dangerous place to be alone, so you can unite with other players to form a faction, or join an already existing one.

Wait... are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Go, try MagiK yourself! Our large and experienced staff will be happy to help you if you encounter any issues or just have a question.